“GPS” play by Mohamed Cherchel enters Carthage Theater Days contest in Tunisia

The play “GPS” by Algerian director Mohamed Cherchel will compete for prizes in the official contest of the 22nd edition of the Carthage Theater Days, scheduled to be held in Tunisia from 4 to 12 December, according to the website of event’s organizers.

The play “GPS”, produced by the Algerian National Theater (2019), is competing, along with 13 other theater works, such as “The Bird’s Logic” (Tunisia), “The House of Passion” (Syria), “Al Shaba 0” (Iraq), “The Immortals”. (Burkina Faso), “African Maps” (Guinea), “Ah Caramela” (Egypt), “The Story of a Flower” (Palestine), “Landscape” (Jordan), “Between the A and Z” (Senegal), “Messai Media” (Kuwait).

The play “GPS” – written and directed by Mohamed Cherchel – deals with the loss of contemporary man between his ideas, principles, attitudes and his relationship with time. It mixes cinematic and theater techniques and the extensive use of gestures and movements to convey messages and ideas critical of submission and wandering.

Meanwhile, during this edition of the festival, theater actress Fadila Hachmaoui will be honored for her rich artistic career that started in1974 in the regional theater of Oran, accompanied by names from Arab and African theaters, such as Saida El Hami (Tunisia), Ahmed Fouad Selim (Egypt) and Floris Adgenhom (Benin) and Jean Sibi Akomou (Kenya), in addition to the Tunis Theater Troupe, which is considered one of the most prestigious fourth art troupes in Tunisia.

Egypt was chosen as the guest of honor for the 22nd session, while Tunisia will be represented by three theater works in the official contest, which are “The Bird’s Logic” by Noufal Azara, “The Last Time” by Wafaa Al-Taboubi and “Einstein’s Nightmare” by Anwar Al Shaafi. These works will compete for prizes for the best integrated work as well as the awards for the best text, best director, best actor, best actress and best scenography.

On the sidelines of theater performances, whether inside or outside the contest, a symposium on “Theater in a Time of Risk”, in addition to workshops related to the fourth art, will be organized.

It’s worth recalling that the Carthage Theater Days were established in Tunisia in 1983.

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