Guelma: 5 Hectars ravaged by bushfires in El Fedjoudj

Fires have destroyed 5 hectares of forest, bush and harvest in Mashtat       El Roukouba in the province of El Fedjoudj municipality in Guelma province, while the intervention of firefighters allowed the protection of forest areas of more than 100 hectares, Information and Communication Cell of Civil Protection announced on Sunday.

The same source added that the fire, which broke out at midday on Saturday in the same area about 10 km from the north-west of Guelma city, caused the damage of two hectares of bushes and 3 hectares of harvests in addition to a number of almond and olive trees.

Firefighters’ units of Civil Protection supported by the secondary unit of the Lakhzara Daira, in which 5 fire trucks and 10 staff of various ranks were rallied, highlighting that the operation to extinguish the fire lasted more than two hours.

The Civil protection added that the efforts of the firefighters’ units to extinguish the fire in record time and to protect large forest areas of eucalyptus trees and Cupressus trees, two empty warehouses and 4 hectares of harvests.

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