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Hajj: pilgrims flock to Mina to spend the day of Tarwiyah

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims present in Mecca in Saudi Arabia converged Thursday morning on the site of Mina, near Mecca, to perform the rites of the 5th pillar of Islam.

For this rite, many worshipers make the journey on foot to Mina, seven kilometers from the Grand Mosque of Mecca, located in western Saudi Arabia. On Wednesday, they performed in the Grand Mosque the rite of “tawaf”, or the circumambulation around the Kaaba.

The conditions for Hajj 2022 included that the pilgrim be of the age groups less than 65 years, and that he had completed the approved vaccine doses against the Coronavirus in the Kingdom, and that priority was given to those who had not previously performed the Hajj, to give an opportunity to the largest segment of Muslims around the world.

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