Hamdani orders directors of agricultural departments to take strict measures against selling agricultural crops before harvest

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abdelhamid Hamdani, instructed today, Monday, the directors of agricultural departments of 12 candidate provinces for grain production to take strict measures against barley producers who sell agricultural crops before harvest, in order to put an end to speculation on this product, according to a ministry statement.

During an assessment meeting for the 2020-2021 harvest season, especially the collection of barley for consumption and seeds, held via videoconference and chaired by Mr. Hamdani in the presence of concerned executives, directors of agricultural departments presented the difficulties of  barely collection whose price witnesses an increase in the parallel market because of speculation, especially by selling agricultural crops before harvest,” the minister said.

The minister ordered the directors of agricultural departments to “take strict measures” against barley producers, who have committed to hand over 50 percent of their production to grain and dry legume cooperatives, the same source added.

The minister called on directors of provincial agricultural departments to announce the list of producers who signed agreements with grain and dry legume cooperatives.

The minister ordered them to “intensify field visits” with the involvement of all actors, especially the Chamber of Agriculture, the professional bureau, associations and sub-sections, to sensitize barley producers about the importance of collection in order to ensure that the seeds are covered for the next season and the breeders are supplied with barley for consumption.

During the meeting, Mr. Hamdani mentioned the current global context marked by high grain prices, calling on the directors of agricultural departments to “efficiently implement the operational and organizational plan approved for collecting grain in general and barley in particular during the current season that was officially launched at the level of some provinces.

The minister called on the directors of agricultural departments to reassure the affected grain producers that their seasonal loans would be automatically rescheduled after approval by the provincial committee.

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