“Heliopolis” film, directed by Djaffar Gacem, in movie halls, starting from May 20th

The Algerian Center for Cinema Development announced the screening of the feature film “Heliopolis” by director Djaffar Gacem, in movie halls, starting from May 20th.

“Heliopolis” was produced by the Algerian Center for the Development of Cinema with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, and it is the first feature film by Djaffar Gacem.

This work – based on real events – revolves around the character of “Zinati”, one of the landowners in the town of “Heliopolis” in the wilaya of Guelma (eastern Algeria) and “Qaid’s” son, who has been influenced by integrative ideas. However, “Zinati’s” son, the young student, adopts the calling demands for the independence of Algeria.

The film, which takes place in the year 1940 as the beginning of its events, also examines the reasons that led to the massacres of May 8, 1945, in which the settlers committed terrible atrocities against the Algerians.

Algerian actors such as Aziz Boukerouni, Mehdi Ramdani and Fodil Assoul participated in the performance of this work, in addition to French actors.

As a reminder, the film “Heliopolis” was presented in a special screening for the press in November 2020 in Algiers, and it is the only film dedicated to addressing the subject of the May 8, 1945 massacres perpetrated by the French colonialism against the Algerian people and it’s the first time that these events were dealt with in a dram work.

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