Highlands of the Atlas Blida are covered in white snow

The highlands of the Atlas, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, turned white due to the heavy snowfall, which led to a significant drop in temperatures.

The citizens of the province of Blida woke up today to the sight of the white snow that covered the Blida Atlas range and the heights of Chrea in a picture that warmed hearts, especially after the drought that the region and the country in general experienced.

The thickness of this snow, which fell at a height of less than 900 meters, in both Chrea and Tamezkida, was 10 centimeters, according to the Civil Protection services.

The source added that in anticipation of this climatic situation, a security apparatus was installed last night at the level of Chrea region in anticipation of any emergency, especially in light of the continued heavy snowfall in the province, according to a special bulletin of the National Meteorological Office.

Civil Protection services recommend that vehicle users avoid climbing mountain heights without chains for wheels, while adopting traffic safety rules and not taking risks for young people wishing to ascend these heights.

The farmers were very pleased with this snow, especially as it came at the right time to irrigate their orchards of citrus and fruit trees, which have become scarce in recent times due to the lack of rain.

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