Hocine Cherhabil: The necessity of accelerating the digitization of public servicess and the creation of poles of digital innovation

The Minister of Digitization and Statistics, Hocine Cherhabil, stressed today, Tuesday, in M’sila, “the necessity of accelerating the digitization of public services and the creation of poles of digital innovation across the four regions of the country.”

During his supervision of a meeting on “Digitization and Digital Innovation” at Mohamed Boudiaf University, as part of a working visit to the province of M’sila, the minister explained that “the digitization of public services takes place through the establishment of data centers for electronic certification and requires the provision of legal, financial and technological requirements with the creation of a digital ecosystem.”

Mr. Cherhabil added that his ministerial department “will work in the context of the digitization of public services to establish four poles of digital innovation in the east, west, center and south of the country that will undertake the promotion and generalization of digitization,” stressing in the same context “the necessity of digitizing public services, which contributes to reducing time and movement to various government departments to ensure public service. ”

Digital transformation is associated with ensuring national digital sovereignty, which comes by confronting economic and technological dependency. Digital transformation is also based on national frameworks, and is one of the pillars of the Ministry’s work plan, which aspires to provide distinguished quality services in the field of digitization, as emphasized by Mr. Cherhabil.

The Minister also indicated that his visit comes as a culmination of the training course that the Ministry of Digitization and Statistics has launched in M’sila for the benefit of the Algerian Islamic Scouts on the subject of digitization with the aim of promoting and involving all segments of society to promote and engage in the digitization systems that he started to establish more than two years ago.

On the other hand, the visit was an opportunity to give the signal for the launch of the national caravan under the slogan “Young Idea”, which was initiated by the “Multiple Projects Investments” Foundation, which launched the caravan consisting of holders of ideas and projects of start-up enterprises with the aim of developing  young investments in the field of emerging enterprises and developing partnerships in this field, as confirmed by the minister, who stated that this convoy will travel the wilayats of the country to promote the slogan “Young Idea”.

For his part, the Director of the Multi-Project Investments Corporation, Anis Ben Tayeb, stated that the goal of the convoy is to build bridges of communication between the youth of the various provinces of the country in the field of innovation and creativity, and to accompany the creation of emerging institutions.

The Minister of Digitization and Statistics had supervised a workshop at Mohamed Boudiaf University entitled “Requirements of the poles of digital innovation in Algeria,” during which four lectures were given on the subject and concluded with reading recommendations that fall within the national strategy for digital transformation and infrastructure, which includes Internet connectivity, digitization of public services, and the legislative and training framework, as well as digitization awareness and its regulatory framework.

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