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Ibrahim Boughali: The events of October 17, 1961 showed “great evidence of brutality” of the colonizer

The President of the People’s National Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali, affirmed today, Saturday, that the events of October 17, 1961 were a “blot on the forehead” of the colonizer and were among the “great evidence of the brutality of the oppressor who met the peaceful demonstrations with all kinds of oppression.”

In a speech he delivered during his supervision of the opening of the works of a historical symposium under the slogan (the river is still blood in the eyes of Algerians) in the framework of the celebrations commemorating the day of migration, October 17, 1961, Boughali said that these events were “another stain on the forehead of the colonizer and one of the major evidences of the brutality of the destroyer who met peaceful and defenseless people with all kinds of oppression as they demonstrated against the laws of injustice and oppression that robbed their freedom and dignity.”

He added in the same context, saying: “It is sufficient for those who hold colonial thought today to read from the testimonies of the West what depicts the peak of brutality,” where, as he said, “the British historians Jim House and Neil McMaster described what the Algerians were exposed to in their book Algerians of the Republic and state terror as the most violent suppression of a demonstration in Western Europe in contemporary history.

He also mentioned what the French survivor of the massacre Monique Hervo said,who confirmed that she “witnessed with her own eyes how the French police shot the Algerians and threw their bodies into La Seine.”

Boughali concluded his speech by emphasizing that the demonstrations of October 17, 1961 “will remain firmly rooted in the minds of every Algerian, generation by generation,” as they remain “solid in the minds of every free man on the planet,” as our righteous martyrs will remain “a shining lamp for the paths of life that we will not deviate from and will not change and it is a sincere covenant and commitment as long as the pulse of this nation beats with dignity and glory.”

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