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Ibrahim Mourad asserts that rural areas are witnessing a real development

Ibrahim Mourad, project manager at the presidency of the Republic, recorded on Monday in the municipality of Ain Azel (South Setif) that the country’s rural areas are witnessing a “real” development process.

“The Algerian countryside is witnessing a real development revolution that sends signs of the new Algeria”.

Mourad added that the development of rural areas was represented in the “opening of thousands of workshops in various development fields that enabled the employment of many young people, which promises to improve the citizen’s standard of living.”

In his response to the concerns of the residents of the shadow areas, which took a large place in this visit to the municipalities of Beidha Bordj and Ain Azel, the same official reassured that all areas classified as a “shadow zone” had been subjected to a comprehensive and complete census of all their needs, provided that the works on the projects being completed in these areas will end by the end of 2021. ”

In the same context, Mourad assured citizens that “all the projects scheduled in these areas will be fleshed out in the field and that the development process is permanent and continuous and will affect all areas that have been classified as shadow areas.”

When he inaugurated a primary school built in sign of solidarity by one of the benefactors in Tanout district in the municipality of Ain Azel, Ibrahim Mourad valued such initiatives, considering them as “a strengthening of the province’s efforts in its endeavor to upgrade the shadow areas.”

Ibrahim Mourad had started his visit yesterday, Sunday, to the capital of the high plateaus by inspecting several development projects benefiting the shadow areas in the municipalities of Amoucha, Djemila and El Eulma, and continued on Monday for the same purpose in the municipalities of Beidja Bordj and Ain Azel, the most important of which are the registered projects in the energy sector.

For reference, the projects registered in the energy sector for the benefit of the shadow areas for the year 2021 are very significant and make the province a pioneer in the field, similar to 19 projects related to connecting 3470 homes to the natural gas network at an estimated completion cost of more than 798 million DZD and 18 projects to connect to electric power that affect 423 homes.

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