Illizi: an export logistic platform is under construction at the Al-Debdeb border crossing

An export logistic platform is being built at the Al-Debdeb border crossing (220 km north of the province of Illizi), in anticipation of reopening this landborder crossing in the near future for commercial traffic, according to a statement issued today, Wednesday, by the authorities of the province.

This logistical facility, which occupies a total area of ​​40,000 square meters and is affiliated with the General Complex for Land Transport of Goods and Logistics “Logitrans”, includes a transport center, a customs warehouse, a warehousing and shipping pavilion, and other spaces that guarantee suitable logistical services for the benefit of exporters and economic dealers in this border area.

It is expected to enter into service in the near future after preparing it and connecting it to various vital networks, according to the same source.

This project is part of a series of important operations that are being implemented to raise the capacity and readiness of the Al-Debdeb crossing, which includes extensive preparation and restoration works aimed at rehabilitating its structures such as the Customs Transit Center and the Office of Health Control, Quality and Border Safety, and strengthening it with modern means and equipment that enhance the level of supervision and the various customs transactions in a way that helps improve the investment climate in this region and attract traders and exporters.

In the same context an with the intention of bringing the various administrative and financial services closer and facilitating commercial transactions for the economic dealers, it is expected that a window for the National Foreign Bank will be opened at the same border crossing, in addition to the implementation of other administrative and service facilities that will enhance the infrastructure for investment in this region and provide suitable working conditions for traders and exporters that enable them to carry out the various necessary transactions and procedures.

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