Illizi: Two people died and 03 injured in a traffic accident near Bordj Omar Idriss

Two people died and three others sustained injuries of varying severity in a traffic accident that occurred yesterday, Saturday, at National Road No. 54 near the municipality of Bordj Omar Idriss, in the province of Illizi, according to a statement issued today, Sunday, by the Civil Protection Services.

The accident was caused by a deviation and overturning of a tourist car 50 km from the municipality of Bordj Omar Idriss, which caused the death of two people (55 and 34 years old) and the injury of three others, aged between 14 and 56 years, according to the official of the Prevention Department of the Civil Protection Directorate, Major Berkan Djemei.

Civil protection agents intervened to rescue the wounded and transported the two bodies to the public hospital in Bordj Omar Idriss.

For its part, the relevant security services opened an investigation to look into the causes of this accident.

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