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Imam Al Maghili, eminent scholar and author of integrated reform project, says President Tebboune

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune highlighted, Monday in Algiers, the characteristics of Imam Mohamed Ben Abdelkrim Al Maghili, “an eminent scholar who left a legacy of virtue, and wisdom,” and the author of an integrated reform project aimed at achieving the right path and preserving both stability and social security.

In a message to the participants of the international symposium in Algiers on “Imam Mohamed Ben Abdelkrim Al Maghili: governance, unity and stability of African societies”, delivered on his behalf by the Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs, Mr. Youcef Belmehdi, President Tebboune recalled the career of Imam Al Maghili, which began with a scientific training with a pleiad of eminent Algerian scholars during the Zianid era, including the Algerian scholar Sheikh Sidi Abderrahmane El Thaalabi, and the Imam of Tlemcen Sidi Mohamed Ben Youcef El Senouci, and other prominent names, before pursuing the path of goodness by overcoming all difficulties and hardships.

The efforts of Imam Al Maghili were crowned by “the spread of the precepts of Islam in the African continent. Thanks to him and his peers among the scholars such as Sheikh Sidi Ahmed El Tidjani, Sidi Abderrahmane El Akhdari and many others, Islam has spread to large parts of the African continent, such as Mali, Niger, Chad and other regions.

History has remembered his contributions in the field of teaching, guidance, advice and reform, as the Imam helped to establish the rules of scientific institutions and cultural cities in different parts of Africa, he added.

These steps led these societies to take an interest in teaching, opening schools and taking care of students, recalled President Tebboune, who noted that the effects of this scientific renaissance lasted for several centuries.

“His scientific output has been disseminated and is the subject of great interest. It has contributed to the development of Fikh, Sufism and the sciences of the Arabic language,” said the President of the Republic, stressing that history has recorded the contributions of this scholar in the country, contributions that have influenced many scientists, authors and researchers in the past and the present.

Imam Al Maghili’s integrated reformist project ‘went beyond the educational, teaching or da’awa-related dimension to the areas of good governance for the preservation of stability and social security. His works were a reference inspired by the principles of the Islamic Sharia in that they contain supreme values and ideals, such as the supremacy of the law, justice and equity, respect for freedoms and rights, and effective societal participation,” said President Tebboune.

The President of the Republic recalled that “among the contributions of Al Maghili in the Touat region on the economic and development level, is the famous large market in Kseur Sidi Youcef which was an economic pole linking the Touat region to many countries, a path that should be followed by our countries today in order to establish African economic integration.

This project “has contributed positively to establishing administrative, legislative and legal rules, and to achieving the factors of cohesion, living together, stability and development, in addition to the dynamisation of socio-economic and cultural life, since it is a multi-dimensional project based on the golden mean taken by our scholars throughout history and which has made our religious referent”, he affirmed.

President Tebboune also stressed the importance of drawing inspiration from the values and principles of the religious referent in our countries, particularly in the Sahel region, which will help us to face the various challenges, particularly extremism.

“Imam Al Maghili has managed to invest in the African dimension and to set itself up as a platform for understanding and constructive cooperation”, added President Tebboune, stressing that “the new Algeria is keenly aware of the strategic choice that the African dimension represents, a choice that will enable our people to achieve the aspirations expected through the strengthening of diplomatic action, the relaunching of religious tourism, while taking advantage of the depth of the tarikat of Sufism and its extensions in Africa, which will enable the cohesion of political positions, the promotion of economic cooperation, the promotion of scientific and cultural exchanges, and the establishment of stability, security and peace.

“Algeria, which has served Africa in the past, will continue on this path in the present and in the future, drawing inspiration from the glory of its forefathers,” concluded the President of the Republic.

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