Inauguration of a new production line for table oil refining unit of “Al Mahroussa” Establishment

A new production line was inaugurated on Thursday in Algiers, at the edible oil refining unit of the public company “Mahroussa”, a subsidiary of the “Agrodiv” group, able to increase its capacity of production from 130 to 400 tons/day.

The commissioning of this new production line was given at Port of Algiers, in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar and the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig.

The company producing liquefied petroleum gas cabinets, mobile fuel distribution stations, semi-petroleum equipment, water tanks for firefighting, among others, holds a certificate of accreditation and equivalence of the Algerian Accreditation Body “Algerac” which respects international standards.

The corporation also manufactures important strategic devices to cover the annual needs of the Sonatrach complex, in addition to an agreement to manufacture 300 LPG trucks for the benefit of “Naftal”.

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