Inclusion of a painting by plastic artist Hamza Bounoua in the collection of “Dafen Art Museum” in China

A painting by plastic artist Hamza Bounoua was recently included in the collection of Dafen Art Museum in Shenzhen, after participating in the second edition of the biennial exhibition of oil paintings, held in this city in the year 2020.

The artwork called “Reforma 4” was chosen to participate in the second edition of the biennial exhibition of oil paintings, which was organized in November 2020 under the slogan “Homeland and Coexistence” with the participation of 275 artworks from 61 countries.

The painting “Reforma 4” is part of a series that was completed during the quarantine period imposed by Covid-19 pandemic, in which the artist addresses social distancing and its effects, as well as the role of technology during this period.

The artist Bounoua, who studied plastic arts at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Algiers, is known for his use of Arabic calligraphy in aesthetic symbolic contexts that combine originality in ideas and contemporary techniques and styles, which usually give his works abstract connotations.

The artist held many international exhibitions in Kuwait, Brazil, Canada, Bosnia and Qatar. He also won several international awards, including the “Mediterranean Arts” prize in 2001 in Marseille (France) and the “International Congress of Euro-Algerian Art award” he won in Brussels (Belgium) in the same year.

In September 2021, the artist Hamza Bounoua inaugurated the “Diwaniyah Art” exhibition, which aspires to “represent Algerian art and foreign artists in various forums.”

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