Industry: Establishment of national committee to follow up on pending investment projects

A national committee was set up today, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, to follow up on pending investment projects, which will be responsible for lifting restrictions on investment projects that have been completed and have not yet come into operation, according to a press release issued by the ministry.

This committee aims to “address the blockage experienced by some investments across various regions of the country, in accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to find quick solutions to this file,” according to the same source.

This committee, headed by the Minister of Industry, consists of the secretaries-general of the ministries in charge of the interior, finance, energy and mines, agriculture, housing, tourism, the pharmaceutical industry, the environment and water resources.

In this regard, the Minister of Industry Ahmed Zaghdar clarified that this committee will expedite the processing of projects that have been completed but have not entered the exploitation stage due to restrictions related to the lack of preparation of industrial and activity areas, the work of connecting to the electricity, gas and water networks, as well as the recorded delay in obtaining administrative licenses.

Basically, the minister adds, it concerns 224 pending projects that were counted by the state directorates of industry and the National Agency for the Development of Investment in the branches of the fertilizer industry, cattle food, textile industries, the production of medical reactors, the pharmaceutical industry, mechanical industries, the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment destined for fishing and aquaculture.

The minister also announced that committees tasked with following up and lifting restrictions that impede the entry of investment projects into exploitation will also be set up, consisting of the same sectors and headed by the governor.

In this regard, Ahmed Zaghdar stressed the importance of this committee in removing the registered obstacles, referring to the Prime Minister’s directives to study, in a second stage, the rest of the investment projects that are currently under construction to facilitate their completion and entry into service.

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