Industry: Launch of digital portal “My Investment” to allow project holders report concerns

The digital portal “My Investment”, dedicated to economic operators and project holders as part of their investments, in order to report their concerns to the services of the Ministry of Industry directly and without mediation, was launched today, Monday, here in Algiers.

In a speech he delivered during the portal’s launch ceremony in the presence of the ministry’s executives and representatives of public and private institutions and professional organizations, Minister of Industry, Mohamed Bacha, affirmed that the new portal ( aims to “bring the administration closer to economic operators in order to better listen to their concerns.” And better handle their complaints.”

Mr. Bacha also indicated that setting up an online digital platform at the service of economic operators will contribute to “establishing new traditions between the administration and investors based on trust and communication as a prerequisite for the recovery of the business climate in our country,” calling on the administration to be “responsible and accountable to investors on a continuous basis, adding that the investor must find adequate answers to his situation at all times and in the face of any problem.

The Minister of Industry stressed that “this commitment is an indispensable condition for achieving the desired economic recovery, as it represents a main focus of the structural reforms that all the living forces of the nation seek.”

The platform allows investors to report their problems directly and without mediation, as well as obtain immediate confirmation of receipt of the complaint or notification and appoint an advisor to follow up on the complaint. It is also possible through the platform to open a follow-up account that allows knowing the process and outcome of the complaint.

Moreover, Mr. Bacha announced that a “vigilance report will be published on the portal every week to solve the investors’ problems with the concerned departments or give them adequate answers, in addition to putting on the platform a table that allows knowing the process of all the indicators related to investment management.”

In this context, the minister called on industrial enterprises “to assume their responsibility in improving their economic and management performance, improving their productivity and working to push forward the modernization of their management in line with the challenges of the digital economy, which has become one of the conditions for accelerating economic diversification in our country.”

For his part, the Director General of Strategic Vigilance and Automated Information Systems in the Ministry, Youcef Bouaraba, stated that the platform aims to remove various obstacles from investors when implementing their projects through direct contact with the services of the Ministry of Industry.

Bouaraba explained that all departments of the ministry are ready to provide the necessary answers within 48 hours to solve all investment problems, including those related to administrative procedures, as well as answering inquiries on legislative aspect.

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