Industry Minister: Subcontracting for more competitive products

Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, affirmed on Thursday in Algiers the steady support of his ministry to subcontracting companies, considering that partnerships between large industrial groups and subcontractors will lead to more competitive and more integrated Algerian products.

“The support of the Ministry of Industry to subcontractors will be continuing, in order to set up a diversified economy based on cooperation between all sectors, but also on the exploitation of all material and human resources,” said Mr. Zeghdar during a speech delivered at the closing of the 6th edition of the International Subcontracting Exhibition “ALGEST 2021″, emphasizing that “the support of subcontracting companies represents a permanent mission and an essential pillar of the sector’s strategies”.

Mr Zeghdar also stressed that the presence of the Ministers of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, and Transport, Aissa Bekkai, to close this event illustrates the “harmony” existing in the actions of the government and which aims to reduce imports and support national production.

On his side, Mr Arkab estimated that the organisation of this exhibition took place in a “crucial” phase in the implementation of the government’s action plan, in which local production and cooperation between Algerian public and private companies are considered as priorities, adding that, the industry relies on the development of local production, notably through the programmes of Sonatrach, Sonelgaz and Manadjem El Djazair to achieve its objectives, relying on partnerships with local subcontractors.

Several subcontractors have demonstrated their ability to provide “added value”, particularly in the mechanical industries and spare parts, affirming that his department would support and accompany these companies.

As for Mr. Bekkai, the minister emphasised the increased needs of the transport sector in terms of spare parts, which makes the field of subcontracting an activity that interests his department.

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