International Forum on Arab Dimension of the Algerian Revolution: participants appreciate President’s keenness on Arab reunification

The participants in the international forum on the Arab dimension of the Algerian revolution, organized yesterday, Monday in Oran, valued the efforts and keenness of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, for Arab reunification with the convening of the Arab summit in Algeria on November 1 and 2.

In a letter they sent to the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, at the conclusion of the work of this forum, the participating Arab professors expressed their hope that this Arab summit would “unify the Arab ranks and activate joint Arab action.”

They also called for the mobilization of all Arab energies in support of the Palestinian cause, the first and central issue of the Arabs, to be at the forefront of Arab concerns in the next stage, praising in the same context the success of the President of the Republic’s efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation through the “Algeria Declaration”.

As a reminder, this forum entitled “Algeria in the Arab World, the depth of history, the challenges of the present and the prospects for the future” was organized by the Ministry of Mujahideen and Rights Owners on the occasion of the sixtieth (60) anniversary of national independence and the sixty-eighth (68) anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious liberation revolution.

The meeting, which was inaugurated by Mr. Rebigua, was marked by the participation of researchers from various Algerian universities, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

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