International Military Games in Russia (7th Edition): The national military team ranks fourth

The national military team “Airborne Platoon” ranked fourth, at the end of the seventh edition of the International Military Games, which took place in the Russian Federation from August 22 to September 2, according to a statement issued on Monday by the Ministry of National Defense.

The source explained that the national military team ranked fourth in the field of “airborne platoon” – according to the teams, behind the Russian team (winner of the title) China and Kazakhstan (two runners-up) and the Belarus team which came in the third place.

The representatives of Algeria also received awards: “Strong spirit of the platoon”, “Best RPG-7 shooter”, “Strong spirit of the best participant”, in addition to three (03) medals, for contributing to the development of international military games, four (04) medals in order to enhance combat compatibility.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also awarded the national military team the “Strong Spirit” award.

The national military team – which “expressed strong determination and will in these games after participating for the fourth time in a row” – returned home on Sunday evening, where they were received at Boufarik air base in the first military region, by high-ranking officials from People’s National Army.

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