International Theatre Day celebration with the performance of “Before the Light’’ in Oran

On Monday, the “Abdelkader Alloula” Regional Theater in Oran celebrated International Theater Day by presenting the play “Before the Light”, which deals with the crime of the French Secret Army Organization (OAS) terrorist group in Tahtaha Square (Oran).

The play describes the terrorist attack of the organization, which exploded two car bombs in Tahtaha Square in the Medina Jdida on February 28, 1962, corresponding to the 23rd day of Ramadan, where dozens of Algerians passed away as martyrs and hundreds were injured.

Seven actors, students from the Department of Dramatic Art at Oran-1 University “Ahmed Ben Bella”, participated in this artistic work, written and directed by Yahia Benhamou and produced by the “Nouveau Théâtre” troupe, in addition to technicians.

“Before the Light” is the first theatrical work to address the subject of this heinous crime, said director Benhamou, emphasizing that the play, performed in 6 phases and which recently participated in the Festival of arts departments of the Higher Institute of Audiovisual Arts in Bordj El Kiffan (Algiers), had a strong attendance of the public and theater enthusiasts in Oran.

The “Nouveau Théâtre” troupe, received support and assitance from Oran Theater, is also preparing a new theatrical show that deals with the crime of nuclear explosions of French colonizer in Reggane (Adrar), according to sources.

As a reminder, the “Nouveau Théâtre” troupe has been active since 2018 and has three productions, namely “You or Me”, “Meristane”, and “Sayed El-Heu”, with the latter winning the award for the best show integrated into the “Omar Khelfa” International Theater Festival in Tunisia.

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