Investment: 589 projects enter into actual exploitation after lifting obstacles

589 investment projects entered into actual exploitation after the obstacles they were confronting were lifted, thus allowing the creation of 33,794 jobs, according to a report by the Ministry of Industry.

According to the same report, the number of projects that have actually entered into exploitation represents about 70 percent of the projects whose restrictions have been lifted by the National Committee and the local committees in charge, the projects amount to 854 investment projects as of April 24 and which are likely to create more than 51 thousand positions jobs.

The National Committee and the local committees aim to lift the obstacles on 915 completed investment projects which remained stalled despite being ready, on account of  administrative reasons.

After entering into exploitation all these outstanding projects, whose total investment value is estimated at 538 billion and 193 million DA, 52.187 jobs will be created, according to the same source.

These investments consist of projects for small size enterprises (10 to 49 jobs) at a rate of 60 percent, compared to 29 percent for projects of medium size enterprises (50 to 250 jobs), 7 percent for micro enterprises (1 to 9 jobs), and 5 percent for large size enterprises (more than 250 jobs).

As for the sectors of activity, the report shows that 198 projects belong to the food industry sector alone, representing 22 percent of the total projects that the local committees and the National Committee are working to lift the obstacles they are confronted with.

Obstacles have been lifted on all outstanding projects at the level of 26 provinces, while the rate of lifting obstacles ranges between 80 and 98 percent in 11 provinces, and between 50 and 80 percent in 11 other provinces, and less than 50 percent in the remaining provinces.

Regarding mechanisms for removing obstacles, the Ministry of Industry affirmed the existence of “complete integration and coordination” between the National Committee and the local committees.

The National Committee in charge of Lifting Obstacles on outstanding projects, chaired by the Minister of Industry, consists of the secretaries-general of the Ministries of Industry, Interior, Agriculture, Housing, Energy, Finance, Water Resources, Environment and Tourism.

The results of the committee’s periodic meetings are recorded in monthly reports submitted to the Prime Minister with instructions to be taken care of by the concerned sectors.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry has started counting the outstanding investment projects that are “still under implementation”, in order to lift obstacles besetting them, as is the case for the completed outstanding projects (the 915 projects are).

So far, 746 outstanding projects have been registered, which will create 48,206 other jobs.

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