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Issuance of order amending and supplementing some provisions of the municipal law in Official Gazette

In the latest issue of the Official Gazette, the order amending and supplementing some provisions of Law No. 11-10 of June 22, 2011 relating to the municipality was issued, in anticipation of the municipal and provincial elections to be held on November 27.

Article 64 of Ordinance No. 21-13 dated August 31, 2021 states that the governor “summons the laureates in order to install the Municipal People’s Council during the eight (8) days following the announcement of the final results of the elections.”

According to Article 64 bis, the Municipal People’s Council meets under the leadership of the oldest elected, in order to elect its president during the five (5) days following the inauguration of the Council. Accordingly, a temporary office is set up to supervise the election, consisting of the older team and assisted by the two youngest voters, provided that they are not candidates. This temporary office receives nominations to elect the president and prepares the list of candidates.

The amended Article 65 of the same order states that “a candidate for election to the presidency of the Municipal People’s Council shall be submitted from the list that holds the absolute majority of the seats.

In the event that no list obtains at least thirty-five percent (35%) of the seats, all lists may present a candidate for it.

In the event of equal votes, the oldest candidate shall be declared the winner.

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