Jijel: More than 4 and a half million holyday makers flocked to beaches

Civil Protection services in the province of Jijel registered more than 4.5 million holiday makers on the province’s beaches until the fifth of this month, according to a statement issued Monday by the same services.

According to the same source, Civil Protection beach guard, which was put into service on the first of July until the twenty-fifth of July (the date of the decision to close the beaches) and which then returned to work on August 25, after easing the lockdown measures and reopening the beaches, a larger number of holiday makers exceeding 4.5 million was recorded on the thirty-four beaches across the province and where swimming is authorized.

He highlighted, in this context, that during the last ten days of reopening the beaches, more than 1.7 million holiday makers were registered, while 2321 people were rescued from drowning.

It should be noted that Civil Protection beach guard will continue its duties until the end of September, as it was indicated.

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