Joint ministerial decision under preparation to classify agricultural products

The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig, revealed a joint ministerial decision under preparation, according to which agricultural products, including vegetables and fruits, will be classified according based on quality, which will allow providing the same product at gradual prices in line with the purchasing power of different groups.

Rezig explained to the Algerian News Agency, that two varieties will be identified for each product, except for potatoes, which will be determined according to 3 varieties according to quality that will be offered at reasonable prices for each variety.

He added that the sector is coordinating efforts with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to achieve a level intervention during the operations of controlling agricultural products by the concerned bureaus, within the framework of the joint ministerial committee that was established and chaired by the two ministries’ general secretaries.

He stated that the two sectors are taking daily measures to overcome the deficiencies recorded during the bureaus’ control operations in order to reach an optimal market organization, given that the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for storing the agricultural product and the Ministry of Trade is responsible for distributing it and controlling the markets.

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