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June 12 Legislatives: 35 people imprisoned and 10 placed under judicial supervision

Ministry of Justice announced that 35 people had been imprisoned and 10 others were placed under judicial supervision for violating the provisions of the organic law related to the electoral system during legislative elections that took place on June 12.

In a press release, the ministry stated, “Within the framework of securing the legislative elections that took place on June 12 and deterring violators of the provisions of the organic law related to the election system, appropriate judicial measures were taken, which resulted in the imprisonment of 35 persons and the placing of ten (10) persons under judicial supervision.”

Legal authorities issued, in some cases, “effective imprisonment penalties ranging from 06 months to 18 months, effective imprisonment, with a fine of up to 100,000 dinars.”

The ministry revealed that the judicial police “continues across the national territory, its investigations regarding 86 reported incidents attributed to 67 people and unknown others.”

The subject of the said judicial procedures relates to “distribution on election day of documents related to the electoral campaign, disturbing calm in voting offices, entering the voting center with no obvious right to do so, stealing voting papers from voting offices and distributing them outside it, making cash donations in order to influence voters, inserting voting papers into ballot box from a non-voter and other actions.

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