Khaldi participates in the proceedings of the 44th regular meeting of the Council of Arab Youth and Sports Ministers

The Minister of Youth and Sports Sid Ali Khaldi, accompanied by the secretary of state in charge of elite sports, Salima Souakri, participated today, Thursday, via videoconference, in the proceedings of the 44th regular meeting of the Council of Youth and Sports Ministers of the member states of the Arab League.

This meeting was devoted to reviewing the programs and activities of member states on youth and sports issues during the period between the 43rd and 44th sessions of the council, and to approve the reports and recommendations of the council’s technical auxiliary committees in charge of youth and sports issues, notably with regard to managing the Arab Fund for Youth and Sports Activities and the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on Arab youth, as well as the latter’s participation in the efforts to fight it.

On this occasion, the participants praised the coordination, cooperation and joint Arab action on youth and sports issues and called for more efforts in this field, especially through the promotion and intensification of activities and the enrichment of joint youth and sports programs and projects in order to face up to the current challenges.

The participants in this meeting also expressed their condemnation of the barbaric crimes committed by the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine, renewing their solidarity and support for the Palestinian cause, as a minute of silence to pay tribute to the victims of the brutal Zionist aggression against the Palestinian brothers was observed during the meeting.

Finally, the proceedings of this session saw the approval of the proposals made by Algeria regarding the hosting of youth and sports programs and activities during the year 2021, related to encouraging entrepreneurship among young people and their contribution to developing the economy of the Arab world, and organizing the Arab Festival for Women’ Sports.

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