Lamamra: Algeria wants to ensure withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya

Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra affirmed today, Tuesday, that Algeria wants to be an active party in the process aimed at ensuring the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya, explaining that Algeria hopes to get involved in the work of the Libyan Joint Military Commission 5 + 5 in charge of this issue.

“We want to be an active party, as a neighboring country, in this process (the withdrawal of mercenaries), and it is expected that the 5 + 5 Military Commission will determine the modalities of this withdrawal,” but we have shown an interest in our capacity as a neighboring country, to be involved in one way or another in the work of this 5 + 5 commission, as is the case in the political forum.” Lamamra said during a joint press conference with his Libyan counterpart Najla El-Mangoush, following the conclusion of the meeting of Libya’s neighboring countries.

Lamamra stressed “We do not want to interfere in the bodies gathered today in order to implement the outcomes of the two Berlin symposiums (which are devoted to the Libyan issue), but we want to make sure that our point of view is heard and that our suggestions are taken into consideration, which we see as just, realistic and logical.”

The head of the Algerian diplomacy also stressed that “the issue of withdrawing mercenaries, terrorists and irregular forces is fundamental to the success of the presidential and legislative elections” to be organized next December in Libya.

He went on to say, “The withdrawal of forces is not the prerogative of the Libyan government, but rather the responsibility of the international community and that should be very clear.”

Lamamra added that Libya is the first victim of these irregular elements, and that the danger is imminent that other neighboring countries will be victim as well if the (mercenaries) are not withdrawn in a transparent and orderly manner and under the supervision and responsibility of the international community.

Meanwhile, the minister expressed Algeria’s readiness “to put its experience at the disposal of our Libyan brothers during the organization of the upcoming elections.”

Finally, Lamamra concluded by saying that “it is expected that Libya will accept and receive the observers for the elections” and that Algeria is interested in having a presence (in the electoral process) by sending a group of observers.

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