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Land Day Commemoration: Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls on international community to “overcome the policy of double standards”

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday called on the international community to be “bold to overcome double standards policy” and to promote legitimacy and its decisions, which highlighted that the Palestinian cause, the struggle of the Palestinian people for its freedom and independence are a just cause.

The ministry said in a statement on the occasion of the 46th commermoration of Land Day that the anniversary comes this year amid feverish Zionist attempts to erase the Palestinian cause and the just and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and turn it from the cause of a people suffering under occupation to the cause of landless residents who need relief projects and programs and some civil rights.

The ministry pointed out that the Zionist entity has turned the Palestinian territory into two large prisons, Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and Palestinian communities into detention camps surrounded by the forces of the occupation army and settler groups.

Palestinians commemorate the anniversary, which became an annual occasion following the announcement of the occupation authorities to confiscate 21 thousand dunums of the lands of the Galilee, the Triangle and the Negev in 1976, which led to massive demonstrations among Palestinians inside the occupied territories leading to the death of six Palestinians.

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