Launch of “National electronic counter” for consulting the course of cases and judgments

The Ministry of Justice announced, Monday in a press release, the launch of a national electronic window “intended to allow consultation of the course of cases and the provisions of judgments as well as the withdrawal of simple copies of judgments rendered by the tribunals and courts from any jurisdiction in the national territory.

“Today, November 28, 2022, the ‘National Electronic Window’ was launched, intended to allow litigants and their lawyers to consult the course of cases and the judgments as well as to withdraw simple copies of judgments rendered by the courts and tribunals which depend on them, from any jurisdiction on the national territory, and this, in order to spare them the trouble of traveling to the HQ of the competent jurisdiction and all the lost time and the significant expenses that result from it”, specifies the same source.

In order to benefit from the services of the “National Electronic Counter”, the person concerned, or their representative or lawyer, must approach the nearest jurisdiction (Court or Tribunal) with the documents which justify their quality in the legal action or the case, and on this, the clerk of the one-stop shop searches the national database, according to the data relating to the case, the judgment, explains the ministry.

This process will be extended to the administrative courts, as soon as possible, it is added.

“This is how the justice sector is making significant progress in improving procedures and developing remote judicial services, for the benefit of litigants and their defense,” the statement concludes.

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