Launch of technical experiments of smart building responsible for supplying energy to Mosque of Algiers

The technical experiments of the smart building, which is the beating heart of Algiers Mosque, as it is responsible for the self-production of energy resources that supply the mosque, were launched, today, Wednesday, under the supervision of the Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi.

On an inspection tour that led him to the Mosque of Algiers, accompanied by engineers from the sector, the minister inspected this building, in terms of its ability to cover the needs of the complex that includes the Mosque of Algiers with electricity, water, air conditioning systems and fire extinguishing equipment.

This smart building enables the operation and control of everything related to the equipment used to supply the mosque and all the utilities attached to it, such as electricity and water, without the need for sources of supply from outside.

The Minister examined the extent to which this smart building was able to cover the complex’s needs with energy resources without relying on sources from outside it in their maximum use cases, according to a scenario prepared by engineers and experts to determine the extent of this building’s ability to meet the energy needs (electricity, water, air conditioning).

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