Launching first “green” entrepreneurship incubator in Algeria to contribute to the creation of green economy

The first incubator for green entrepreneurship was launched, today, Saturday in Algiers, to create a green economy that takes into account the environment and sustainable development, in order to elevate collective work into an institutional enterprise that contributes to creating wealth and absorbing unemployment.

The President of the National Association for Associative Action, Ahmed Malha, explained, in a speech he delivered during the opening of a national forum on the role of youth, under the slogan “Green Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Development”, organized by the Association on the occasion of World Environment Day, “Youth plays a fundamental role in green innovative marketing as a mechanism that achieves the sustainability of startups”.

During the forum that gathered more than 50 participants from 20 national societies, Ahmed Malha revealed that a significant number of young people benefited within the framework of the “ANGEM” micro-loan from financing projects in line with green economy option, pointing, for example, to the essential oils extraction project “as a successful model.”

On this occasion, Malha called on young entrepreneurs to invest in the manufacturing sector in the field of agriculture, considering that this field has a “promising future” and an opportunity for young people to engage in the green economy and work to launch environmentally friendly projects, especially investment projects in tomato, olive and grape remnants, for not being exploited by manufacturers.

Ahmed Malha stressed that his association works to accompany young people who carry environmentally friendly projects and guide them in terms of administrative procedures as well as with regard to all technical aspects related to their projects. Among these measures, the intervention mentioned organizing sensitization and training sessions for young people to follow up on their projects.

The National Assembly for Collective Action has benefited from a project supported by the United Nations, and this project includes 6 states at the level of desert areas.

As part of this support, 18 training courses in the field of project management will be organized for the benefit of a local association, starting next September.

According to the President of the National Association for Associative Action, many projects have also been launched in natural environmental fields of high value that take into account the economic and social field, especially the branches of biological diversity that contribute to creating jobs and achieve comprehensive national development.

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