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Lieutenant-General Chanegriha: Colonialism in its new guise realized that direct confrontation with peoples had become “expensive and useless.”

Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, Lieutenant-General Saïd Chanegriha, confirmed today, Friday in Algiers, that colonialism in its new guise has realized that direct confrontation with peoples has become “expensive and useless”, highlighting the need to strengthen national unity and follow the example of the makers of the glorious November Revolution to thwart this kind of “New wars”.

Lieutenant-General Chanegriha said in a speech he delivered to the executives and users of the Car Materiel Renewal Establishment in Dar el Beida (the first military district) during a working and inspection visit to it: Colonialism, in its new guise, realized early on that direct confrontation with peoples had become useless and costs a lot of losses, especially in human lives, which public opinion could no longer bear, so it (colonialism) turned to other forms of confrontation that go beyond the traditional forms of war with the aim of depriving the opponent of the ability to resist.

In order to “effectively counter” this new type of war – added Chanegriha – “we must re-read the history of our country to understand a sample of the methods of this new style and find ways to thwart it.”

Lieutenant-General Chanegriha stressed that “to confront and thwart this type of new war, it is necessary to follow the example of our ancestors,” saying in this regard: “Today we must imitate the glorious fighters in confronting and thwarting this type of new war, by strengthening the bonds of our national unity and working to highlight what unites us, distancing us from what divides us, and restoring confidence in our abilities and capabilities, because every time we trusted ourselves and believed in our abilities, we achieved miracles.”

He continued, “All this is in order to preserve the deposit of our righteous martyrs and to actively contribute to building the new Algeria, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and the Minister of National Defense.”

This visit falls – according to the press release of the Ministry of National Defense – within the framework of “the keenness of the Supreme Command of the National People’s Army to continuously monitor the performance of support institutions, especially those specialized in renewing vehicle equipment and designing and implementing the commission’s equipment.”

He added that this visit was attended by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Defense, the commanders of the forces, the commander of the national gendarmerie, the commander of the first military region, the heads of departments in the staff of the People’s National Army, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Comptroller of the Army and central managers.

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