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Lieutenant-General Said Chanegriha holds a working meeting with the executives and employees of the military health

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, General Said Chanegriha supervised today, Monday, November 07, 2022, a working meeting at the National School of Military Health in the first military region, which included military health executives and members of the medical corps.

After the reception ceremony, in company of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Defense and the Central Director of the Military Health Services, General Chanegriha met with the executives and employees of the military health, where he delivered an orientation speech, followed via videoconference, by members of the military medical corps across all the military regions, through which he emphasized that the establishment of an effective military health system, capable of ensuring comprehensive and effective health coverage for the employees, has always been a constant concern of the Supreme Command of the National People’s Army.

The army General stressed, on the same occasion, that out of awareness of the importance of medical care and health care for employees, all the necessary financial capabilities were provided for the benefit of this important sector, whether in the institutional and equipment field or in the training and rehabilitation field.

He evoked, in this regard, the important projects that are currently under construction, such as the Stawali University Military Hospital, the Mother and Child Military Hospital in Beni Messous, regional hospitals, or those related to health support programmed at the level of the six military districts.

Mr. Chanegriha urged all concerned officials to undertake more efforts, in order to further improve the quality of health care for employees to reach the desired level.

In conclusion, the General gave the first set of directives related in particular to the necessity of optimal care for the sick and wounded, especially the wounded and the disabled, as well as ensuring the periodic maintenance of advanced medical equipment owned by the military health facilities.

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