Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha supervises tactical exercise in 2nd Military Region

Lieutenant General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army (ANP), supervised, on the third day of his visit to the 2nd Military Region, at the firing range and maneuvers of the Region, the conduct of a tactical exercise with live ammunition, carried out by units of the 36th Motorized Infantry Brigade supported by joint units, said Tuesday a statement of the Ministry of National Defense (MDN).

The drill, which took place in the presence of Major General Djamel Hadj Laaroussi, Commander of the 2nd Military Region, and Major General Hasnat Belkacem, Head of the Employment and Preparation Department/EM-ANP by interim, aims to “optimise the operational capabilities and interoperability of the staffs and the training of commanders and staffs in the preparation, planning and conduct of operations under close to real circumstances,” the same source said.

At the headquarters of the 8th Armoured Division, after the welcoming ceremony, the Lieutenant General followed a presentation by the Region Commander on “the overall idea, as well as a presentation by the Brigade Commander on the stages of the carrying out of this tactical exercise”.

The Lieutenant General then followed, at the firing and manoeuvre range, the progress of the combat actions of the drill carried out by the units involved.

These actions are of a “highly professional tactical and operational nature and reflect the high operational capabilities of the crews and commanders at all levels, particularly in terms of efficient use of the field, close operational co-ordination between the participating units, the confirmed skills of the officers in terms of setting up and conducting the various combat actions, as well as the know-how and ability of the crews to master the use of the various provided weapons systems and equipment, which contributed to very satisfactory results reflected in the accuracy of the shots fired with the various weapons,” the statement said.

The Chief of Staff of the ANP then met with the units that took part in this tactical drill at the firing range and manoeuvres of the Region, and then, through video conference, with the units that took part in the naval drill at the firing range of the Western Maritime Front, in order to carry out an “objective and real evaluation of the two drills, which were a great success on all levels of planning, preparation and implementation”.

At the end, the Lieutenant General inspected the field hospital deployed for this tactical training exercise and which is equipped with “all the medical equipment necessary for this situation, including delicate surgical rooms, before inquiring about the fuel supply battalion in charge of ensuring the logistic support missions for the benefit of the different units”.

The Lieutenant General also reviewed the units of the 36th Motorised Infantry Brigade and other units involved in the military drill, the statement concluded.

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