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Lieutenant General Said Chengriha chairs a ceremony to honor outstanding laureates of cadets of the nation in Baccalaureate exam

Following the excellent results achieved by the cadets of the nation in the Baccalaureate exam, for the 2021 session, the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Said Chengriha, chaired today, Saturday at the military club, a ceremony to honor the outstanding laureates of the cadets of the nation in the Baccalaureate exam and the middle school exam.

The honorary ceremony was attended by the Interim Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Defense and leaders the national gendarmerie, the leader of the first military region and heads of departments of the Ministry of National Defense and the Staff of the Popular National Army, managers, and heads of central services as well as the parents of the honored students. All preventive measures against the Kovid-19 were respected.

On this occasion, the Lieutenant General delivered a speech to the audience, during which he extended the congratulations and blessing of the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, minister of National Defense, for all laurates of the cadets of the nation in these two certificates, stressing that this success is to be added to the series of achievements and successes that the Popular National Army has been achieving at all levels and fields.

He emphasizes that these outstanding results have not come from nothing but are the fruit of farsighted strategy adopted by the army high command in the field of training, particularly through the interest granted to the quality of training, and the means and conditions of success provided for the success of our military schools in general.

Mr. Chengriha also confirmed that the excellent results achieved constitute undoubtedly another motivation to make schools of the cadets of the nation an inexhaustible source of highly qualified human resources.

It’s worth noting that the promotions of the schools of the cadets of the nation for the secondary and middle phases recorded this year excellent results, with 99.14% i.e. 691 cadets succeeding in the baccalaureate exam, and 99.71% i.e. 1377 students succeeding in the middle school certificate.

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