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Lieutenant-General Said Chengriha: “Necessity of mobilizing all sectors, especially that of information and communication, to confront hostile campaigns and schemes”

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant-General Said Chengriha, stressed today, Tuesday in Algiers, the necessityof “mobilizing all sectors without exception, especially that of information and communication, to confront all media campaigns and schemes hostile to Algeria,” according to a statement by the Ministry of National Defense.

The same source indicated that, during his supervision of the opening of the proceedings of a forum organized by the Directorate of Communication, Information and Orientation for the Staff of the People’s National Army at the Al-Mawkaa Club in Ain Naadja, held under the theme “Hostile media campaigns and the strategy of confrontation”, Lieutenant-General Chengriha said that “strengthening our national unity, and consolidating our internal front, in addition to maintaining the dynamics of development and growth that the new Algeria embarked on, and achieving the established goals, requires the mobilization of all sectors of the state without exception, foremost among which the media sector.

He added that the media sector “we count a lot on the media sector at this stage, to confront all hostilemedia campaigns and schemes, which try to deal a blow to the security and stability of the country, as well as to enlighten national public opinion, with the conspiracies and plots being knitted against our country, and to mobilize all segments of Algerian society, to engage with awareness and commitmentin national efforts aimed at achieving popular aspirations, and putting the new Algeria on the path of progress and prosperity”.

Mr. Chengrihawent on to say: “We must all be loyal to the homeland and avoid being lenient in performing our duties towards it andlive up to the sacrifices of the righteous martyrs, so that history will do us justice, and it will be recorded that we have preserved the legacy, and we have been loyal to Algeria, nothing butAlgeria.”

On the same occasion, the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army confirmed that organizing the forum in this period has a “historic symbolic”, as it coincides with the month of December, which brings back to memory “one of the events of our glorious liberation revolution, namely the demonstrations of December 11, 1960, which constituted a decisive turning point in the liberation struggle of our great people, who expressed their absolute confidence in their leadership, and affirmed their unity, cohesion and solidarity around their blessed revolution.

Those demonstrations were – Lieutenant General Chengriha added – “a very expressive message to the brutal colonialist, giving him the certainty that the Algerian people are one and unitedand would acceptnothing but independence and the recovery of national sovereignty, whatever the price, and whatever the sacrifices. These demonstrations also constituted a strong support for the military operations of the National Liberation Army and were a strong support for the diplomatic battle for the Algerian cause in international fora.

Lieutenant-General Chengriha evoked,in the same context, another “important event”, which is “the organization of elections for the municipal and provincial popular councils, which constituted another building block and an important milestone for the progress of our country and the establishment of its solid foundations, which is the fruit of the will and ambition of the Algerians for change and the edification of a new Algeria whose features were laid down by the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and the Minister of National Defense.

He stressed that this process “has become a source of inconvenience to the enemies of the homeland, who are knitting against our country all kinds of plots and conspiracies, in collusion with terrorist organizations and proxy organizations, whose objective is to undermine the national project, which aims to establish strong and effective institutions, and to obstruct the process of the new Algeria, which is determined to restore its leading role both regionallyand internationally.”

It’s worth noting that the proceedings of the forum were attended by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Development, Communication, Culture and the Arts, as well as the Director-General of the National Institute for Comprehensive Strategic Studies, as well as the Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Defense, commanders of the forces and the National Gendarmerie, and the Commander of the firstMilitary Region, heads of departments, directors and heads of central departments of the Ministry of National Defense and the staff of the National People’s Army, in addition to directors of some national media and university professors.

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