Lifting obstacles for outstanding investment projects: Minister of Industry calls for expediting settlement of remaining projects

The Minister of Industry Ahmed Zeghdar chaired, today, Monday, at the Ministry’s headquarters, a meeting of the National Committee for the Follow-up of Outstanding Investment Projects devoted to identifying mechanisms for handling and settling the status of the remaining investment projects, according to a statement by the Ministry.

After he praised the efforts of the committee, which managed, in a short period of time, to lift obstacles for 503 projects out of the 864 outstanding projects that have been recorded so far, Mr. Zeghdar called on the members of the committee to “double their efforts to expedite the processing of the remaining files, estimated at 361 projects,” the ministry adds.

The statement also indicated that the most important obstacles to the remaining projects consist of the nature of the agricultural lands on which these projects were built, connecting them to energy networks such as electricity, gas and water networks, as well as obtaining building and conformity permits, in addition to some problems related to concession contracts.

As soon as it finishes dealing with the outstanding projects, the statement says, this national committee, consisting of the secretaries-general of ten ministerial departments  (industry, interior, agriculture, housing, energy, water resources, tourism, finance, pharmaceutical industry and environment) will start supporting investment projects that have not yet been completed and which face difficulties.

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