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Local Elections: participation rate reached 35.97% for municipal at polling stations closure time (Mohamed Charfi)

The participation rate in the poll for the election of members of the municipal popular councils, which took place across the entire national territory, reached 35.97 percent when the polling stations closed, while it reached 34.39 percent for the election of members of the provincial assemblies, according to what was announced on Saturday night by the head of the Independent National Authority for Elections, Mohamed Charfi.

In a press conference on the provisional preliminary results of the electoral process, Mr. Charfi said that the number of voters for members of the municipal people’s councils reached 8,517,919 voters at the national level when the polling stations closed, with a participation rate estimated at 35.97 percent, while the number of voters for provincial council members reached 8,154,226 voters, i.e. a participation rate of 34.39 percent.

Mr. Charfi added that these results remain “temporary” pending “the study of the final data on this electoral process and the adjudication of appeals.”

It is worth recalling that the participation rate for this poll reached 24.27 percent at 4:00 p.m. for the election of municipal council members, and 23.30 percent for the election of provincial council members.

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