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Major-General Chanegriha: Army leaders are required to “strict” implementation of orientations to ensure smooth running of upcoming legislations

The Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, Major-General Saïd Chanegriha, affirmed, today, Monday in Blida, that the legislative elections are “another promising step on the path of building a new Algeria,” stressing that the army’s leaders are required to “strict” implementation of the directives of the Supreme Command to ensure the smooth running of this “important entitlement.”

During a working visit that led him to the first military district in Blida, Major-General Chanegriha said in a speech he delivered in front of the district’s officials, which was broadcast to all units of the district via teleconference technology: “In a few days, our country will experience an important electoral entitlement, represented in the legislative elections, scheduled to be held on the twelfth of June,” noting that this election date “is a very vital national event for our country and our people and serves as another promising step on the path of building a new Algeria.”

In the same context, he said that these elections “come after the recent constitutional amendment, initiated by the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, and approved by the Algerian people through the popular referendum.”

In this regard, the Chief of Staff of  National People’s Army clarified that “the duty of citizenship imposes on the members of the National People’s Army to carry out their electoral duty, in accordance with the laws of the Republic, and to participate with their fellow citizens in the performance of this national duty by casting their votes freely and transparently.”

He added that “in order to secure the smooth running of this important national entitlement and to allow citizens to vote in an atmosphere of tranquility, serenity and stability, all leaders are required to strictly implement the instructions and directives issued by the supreme leadership in this regard and to ensure the failure of any scheme or action aimed at disrupting these elections or influencing their course.”

In the same context, Major-General Chanegriha said: “We are absolutely certain that the Algerian people have become more aware than ever before and cannot be mistaken or pushed into labyrinths fraught with dangers and will be mobilized against all malicious schemes and will confront them and their authors, standing as one alongside the state’s institutions, in the face of all the stalkers, because it is an authentic people sharpened by adversities and experiences, who fought the greatest liberation revolution in contemporary history and thwarted the plans of barbaric terrorism, enjoying values, principles, will and ambition.

He pointed out that this “qualifies him to join the path of progress, development and growth and constitutes a real force, and he will continue, with determination and persistence, to move forward on the path of realizing his legitimate aspirations to build a strong, modern and prosperous state.”

Subsequently, Major-General Chanegriha chaired a working meeting that included the leadership and executives of the sub-district, leaders of the military sectors and officials of security services, where he first listened to a presentation by the commander of the first military region, Major General Ali Sidane, who touched on the security situation in the region of jurisdiction, then, listening later to the presentations of the leaders of the military sectors and various security services.

Subsequently, Major-General gave a number of orientations and instructions, in their entirety, on the necessity of maintaining the operational readiness of the units and enhancing the requirements of security and stability in the entire region of the First Military District, especially on the occasion of the upcoming legislative elections.

Later, Major General Chanegriha supervised the inauguration of the new regional payment center.

For reference, the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, at the beginning of his visit, and after the reception ceremony by the commander of the first military district, Major General Ali Sedan, stood in memory of the heroic martyr “M’Hamed Bougara”, commander of the fourth historical province, who gave his name to the headquarters of the district. The Major-General laid a wreath in front of his memorial, and recited the Fatiha on his soul and the souls of the righteous martyrs.

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