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“March for the freedom of the Sahrawi people” continues in municipalities and provinces of Spanish island of Tenerife

The solidarity march “March for the freedom of the Sahrawi people” continues for the second consecutive week, in the municipalities and provinces of the Canary island of Tenerife.

The march passed through the southern part of the island, particularly in the area of “Los Abrigos” carrying national flags and calling “ long live to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el Hamra and the Oued Ed-Dahab, passing through the “La Montaña Roja” area, to the beach of El Medano, where tourists and Canarian citizens responded positively to the march amid applauses and exchange of patriotic slogans.

In each stop, a statement of solidarity with the just cause of our people is read and the floor is given for the interventions of members of the Canary Solidarity Association, and the members of the Sahrawi community associations, in addition to artistic performances which are presented during the break.

In the northern part of the island, the solidarity march began in front of the municipality of La Victoria, passing through the area of ​​“La Matansa” and reaching the municipality of “El Sauzal”, with the participation of members of the Canary Solidarity Association, Canary partisans and members of the Sahrawi community, who were received by the mayor and his advisors.

The Mayor of the “El Sauzal” municipality gave a welcoming speech to the participants in the solidarity march, recalling that his municipality is one of the municipalities which support Sahrawi people and annually receives Sahrawi children as part of the Holidays in Peace program, and that it will continue to provide political and humanitarian support until independence is achieved.

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