Maryam Sharafi: Emphasizing the role of civil society and the media in promoting childhood

National Commissioner for the Protection and Promotion of Childhood, Maryam Sharafi,, emphasized, yesterday, Thursday, in Tiaret, the role of civil society and the media in promoting child protection.

In a statement to the press on the occasion of her visit to the state, Sharafi highlighted that the role of civil society alongside the state sectors is “effective” in the field of child protection through field and neighborhood work and at the level of the Permanent Coordination Committee of the National Authority for the Protection and Advancement of Childhood, and this role is within the framework of the great importance attached by the state civil society, “which will rise with the inauguration of the National Civil Society Observatory.”

The same official stated that the National Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Childhood launched training for civil society activities in the field of childhood and established a network of civil society to work on promoting children’s rights.

She also referred to the role of the media in protecting children and promoting the culture of notification and its importance in protecting the rights of this group without depriving them of their right to media technologies, focusing on the role of these media and raising awareness of the protection provided by law.

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