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Mauritanian writer: “Morocco is the gateway through which Zionist entity penetrates into Africa”

Mauritanian writer and journalist concerned with the conflict in North Africa, Sid Ahmed Ould Atfil, stressed that Morocco has become the gateway through which the Zionist entity penetrates into North Africa and then into the African continent, constituting a threat to the security of the region.

The Mauritanian writer underlined in a statement to the “Radio Algeria International” that from the geo-strategic perspective, “Morocco has become the gateway of the Zionist entity to North Africa and then to the African continent as a whole,” adding that “the Makhzen acquires, in exchange for its normalization with the Zionist entity, the military weapons that it possesses and uses to threaten the security and stability of the Maghreb region.”

The Mauritanian writer’s comments were made on the occasion of the second expected visit of the Minister of Defense of the Zionist entity to the Kingdom of Morocco, during which new military deals will be concluded with Morocco in addition to the strengthening of security cooperation between the two parties.

In this regard, Ould Atfil noted that Morocco aims, by concluding more military deals and strengthening its security and military cooperation with the Zionist entity, to use weapons in the ongoing war in Western Sahara and to intimidate defenseless civilians in the Sahrawi occupied territories, especially after violating the ceasefire agreement on November 13, 2020.

In order to impose its alleged legitimacy on the occupied Sahrawi lands, Morocco also used the United States and the Zionist entity to put pressure on some countries and persuade them to open embassies or diplomatic representations in the occupied Sahrawi lands.

The political analyst believes that the undoubtful purpose of the military cooperation between Morocco and the Zionist entity is to primarily target “the security and stability of Algeria, which represents the last strong force in Africa and the Arab world that has not yet offered its hand to the Zionist entity.”

Despite all this, the Mauritanian writer wondered, “Can Morocco sell to the Moroccan people the idea that the Zionist entity that kills children and innocent people in the occupied Palestinian territories is the angel who extends his bloodstained hand to achieve peace?”

The Mauritanian writer and analyst stressed that the Moroccan King’s chairmanship of the Al-Quds Committee “will not have any effect on changing the Moroccan popular position on normalization with the Zionist entity,” after the wave of anger that spread in the Kingdom or in the Palestinian territories due to the Zionist escalation in the occupied territories.

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