Mediterranean Games 2022: Minister of Youth and Sports expresses concern over delay in facilities delivery

Minister of Youth and Sports Abderezak Sebgag expressed today, Sunday, his “concern” over the delay in the delivery of sports facilities that will host the Mediterranean Games-2022 in Oran (June 25-July 5), stressing that the government gives full priority to this Mediterranean event.

“Honestly, I am afraid of the delay in the completion of the construction of sports facilities designated to host the Mediterranean Games and their delivery within the specified deadlines, due to the lack of time with the approach of the event,” the minister said during a press conference held today, Sunday, at the press center of the Olympic complex “Mohamed Boudiaf.”

The minister added, “I am not afraid of withdrawing the organization of the Games, as this will not happen, because with the acceleration of the pace of work, we will be ready. In general, the facilities are witnessing a progress at the level of the Olympic complex in Oran. The problem is still at the level of the water center, which was delayed due to technical issues with an Italian company and a financial one with the Chinese company in charge of realizing the project.”

It is worth noting that the new Olympic sports complex of the city of Oran will be received with its full facilities next December, six months before the beginning of the event, according to the local director of public equipment.

Abderezak Sebgag reassured that the government gives the highest priority to this Mediterranean event, as the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Aïmen Benabderrahmane , installed a committee, made up of the youth and sports sectors, the Ministry of Housing and the governor of Oran state, to follow up and ensure the lifting of all obstacles related to the Mediterranean Games.

The Minister of Youth and Sports added that the top priority is to take care of all the details of the Mediterranean Games, complete the projects and launch serious preparations for the Games from a sports point of view.

The Olympic sports complex, located in the municipality of Bir El Djir (east of Oran), in addition to other sports and hotel facilities related to the Mediterranean Games, will be the subject of a visit by the members of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games on the sidelines of the work of their ordinary general assembly scheduled in Oran next October.

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