Mediterranean Games – Boxing Finals: Algeria wins 13 medals, including 05 gold

The men’s national boxing team won eight medals (2 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze) after the end of the Mediterranean Games finals for this discipline on Friday at the Exhibition Palace in the new city (Oran).

Both Jugurtha Ait Bakah (less than 69 kg), who won the game after his contender withdrew due to injury, and Yahya Abdali who defeated Italian Gian Luigi Mlanga (3-0) won gold medals.

The silver medalists were Osama Marjan (-57 kg), Younes Namouchi (-75 kg), Mohamed Hamri (-81 kg) and Mohand Said Hamani (-91 kg).

For their part, Choaib Bloudinat (more than 91 kg) and Abdennasser Ben Larbi (less than 60 kg) won two bronze medals after losing in the semi-finals.

While presenting the outcome of the men’s national team, national coach Ibrahim Yadjaoui said that he was “satisfied with the harvest of the Algerians in the Mediterranean Games in Oran,” referring to arbitration flaws committed by the referees, especially during the final that brought together Mohamed Hamri and Serbian Vladimir Mironchikov.

He added: “We managed to win eight medals, two of them are gold, which is a good result that makes Algeria rank first according to the teams. I think that these young people deserve our support in the future. We were hoping to win more golds… We achieved the goal.”

Meanwhile, the women of the national boxing team achieved an honorable result in the Mediterranean Games, after winning three gold medals, a silver and a bronze medals.

Roumaissa Boualem (48 kg) won the gold medal, after she beat Ace Kagiri, the Turkish world champion in her category, Khadija Khalif (less than 60 kg), by defeating Moroccan Chaima Rahadi and Iman Khalif (less than 60 kg), who also dominated the Italian Asinta Confora.

On the other hand, Echrak Chaib (less than 66 kg) won the silver medal after losing to the Turkish world champion Bisenaz Semenli (0-3), while Fatima Zahra Hadjla won the bronze (less than 54 kg).

Algeria participated in the Mediterranean Games in Oran with a total of 15 boxers (9 men and 6 women), ending the competition with a total of 13 medals (5 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze).

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