Mediterranean Games-Oran 2022: 19th edition will be a success for Oran and for Algeria

The second vice-president of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG), Bernard Amsalem, welcomed, on Friday, the excellent work done by the organising committee of the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games, scheduled to take place in a few weeks, underlining that this event “will be a success for Oran and Algeria”.

“We are more optimistic than in the past. Things have evolved in a positive direction in recent weeks. We believe that this 19th edition will take place in good conditions and will be a success for Oran and Algeria as a whole”, said Bernard Amsalam, during a joint conference at the end of the coordination meetings between the ICMG and the OCMG, these last days in Oran.

In this regard, the ICMG vice-president noted that all the infrastructures that have been built or rehabilitated are ready to host the different events and that only a few remaining equipments need to be installed in the coming days. He also pointed out that “the athletes will be welcomed in the best conditions in the Olympic village and will be between 4,000 and 4,500 sportsmen and women according to the estimates of the National Olympic Committees”.

Moreover, Mr. Assalam appreciated the facilities granted by Algeria concerning visas, pointing out that the athletes and their companions will receive, upon their arrival at Algiers and Oran airports, their accreditation cards which will be considered as visas”.

The ICMG’s 2nd vice-president also noted “a clear improvement of the website, which made it possible to provide all the required information to the Mediterranean Olympic Committees of the countries participating in the Oran edition”.

Concerning the opening and closing ceremonies of this Mediterranean event, Bernard Amsalem said that the proposals had been validated. “Salim Dada has done a professional job. The show will be great”, he said, pointing out that a cultural and artistic programme will be proposed by Algerian artists throughout this edition and will reflect Algerian culture in all its aspects and dimensions.

The same official pointed out that for some sports, the results of the Oran edition will qualify for future world championships and Olympic Games.

For his part, the Commissioner of the JM-Oran 2022, Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, highlighted the satisfaction of the ICMG regarding the preparations of this edition “which constitutes for us a moral support”, he stated, announcing that the last visit of the members of the ICMG is scheduled from 28 to 31 May next.

Concerning the “Test-Events”, the same official mentioned the official match opposing the national football team to Uganda at the new Olympic stadium of Oran. He also mentioned the organisation of a women’s football tournament by the FAF in which Algeria, Italy, Tunisia and Turkey will take part.

Mohamed Aziz Derouaz spoke about the cancellation of the African Handball Cup, scheduled to take place in parallel to the WB 2022. “The intervention of the ICMG was strong with the IFHF and the CAHB to postpone this championship,” he underlined.

The coordination commission of the ICMG started, on Wednesday, a working visit to Oran to assess the final preparations for this 19th edition of the World Youth Games, scheduled from June 25 to July 6. Meetings with the twelve commissions of the OCMG were held on this occasion.

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