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Message from the President of the Republic to Algerian students on the occasion of the Student’s Day

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, addressed a message to Algerian students on the occasion of the Student’s Day, coinciding with May 19, 2022, according to a statement issued today, Wednesday, by the Presidency of the Republic.

Dear students,

Student Day coinciding with May 19 is an opportunity for students to reconnect with the oath of their elders, those university and high school students who started the strike on that memorable day in 1956, making this event the starting point to join the maquis and engage in the armed struggle, which was backed by scientific skills, a strong support for the Glorious Revolution.

While we are proud today of the achievements accomplished by the University each year by successive promotions of graduates whose number is close to 5 million since independence, we hail the role played by the university corporation in the revival of the sector, by deploying efforts and providing considerable contributions in the service of the Algerian University.

This is evidenced by the significant achievements of the University, such as the creation of national higher schools in several advanced scientific specialties, the launch of centers of excellence which are now operational, the creation of several research laboratories, the optimization of pedagogical performance and the quality of training or yet the improvement of the graduates’ skills.

So many achievements that promote the emergence of a University capable of hosting free thought, serious dialogue, constructive criticism and an openness, first of all, to its own environment, by building the bridges of partnership with the economic, cultural and social institutions, then on the outside world, by interacting with the greatest universities and by concretizing numerous achievements in scientific research.

In order to achieve this, we have granted special interest and follow-up to the Education and Teaching sectors, as part of a vision in line with the changes underway in the world and the scientific and technological advances, a vision based on the investment in the human capital of the nation, being the genuine wealth and one of the greatest factors of power for the construction of a new Algeria, armed with the skills of its youth.

On this Student Day, a historic event engraved in the register of glories of the nation and witness to the momentum of students’ support for the armed struggle, I extend my most sincere congratulations to my dear students , wishing them every success in setting themselves up as builders of Algeria, armed with science, technology and knowledge, and faithful to the Oath of the Chouhada and their eternal Message.

Long live Algeria,

Glory and eternity to our valiant martyrs

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.”

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