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Message of President of the Republic on the occasion of 67th anniversary of Liberation Revolution

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, sent a message on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious liberation revolution, according to a statement by the Presidency of the Republic.

Here is the full text of the message:

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

And peace and blessings be upon His messengers

Dear citizens ,

We celebrate this (Monday) the 67th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution, as the first of November revives in us the oath of loyalty to the martyrs and instilling in the conscience the honor of belonging to this blessed land, which throughout history has refused but to be free and proud.

The first of November returns to remind us of the spark that lit up the nation with a flame of fire and light … a burning fire for the aggressors, and a light that extends to the mountains and ravines and bushes, blessed by the grace of Allah the Almighty, the brave warriors who answered the the call of glory, freedom and dignity .. That sacred call which is enshrined in our consciences… which consolidates our national unity, and which inspires the valiant Algerian people to transcends times of adversity by tightening their rank… as a strong patriotic wall.

Allah the Almighty has blessed Algeria with the echo of its bitter armed struggle against the colonial rule all around the world. When our glorious martyrs armed with their belief in victory and their insistence on upholding the truth, crushed the terrorism that colonial France mobilized by force of arms… and terror by genocide, and persecution by torture and the most hideous forms of scorched earth in contemporary human history. The weapon consisting of the faith in victory, the perseverance of upholding truth and the righteousness of the cause are stronger than a well-armed colonial army, with a shaken faith, driven to the hell of aggression, against a “free people determined to remain free”.

Dear citizens,

The first of November which is the pride of the Algerian people is greater than to be limited to an occasional celebration … the sacrifices of martyrs and mujahideen, and the tragedies and suffering sustained by the people under the hegemony of the colonial rule, should be a source of inspiration … to surround the commemoration of the unforgettable first of November, with what lives up to the greatness of the epic blessed liberation revolution, thus we should mobilize the resources put at the  disposal of the relevant institutions and bodies, and directed them towards upgrading and valuing our contemporary historical heritage through forms and methods that carry elements of persuasion, and attract new generations.

In this context, I call upon the institutions that are in charge of the history of the national movement and the liberation revolution, and invite them to take the initiative to develop visions and programs with specific topics and deadlines, and to move as quickly as possible to preserving and documenting the historical material, by using digitization and providing the necessary conditions for researchers and innovators in all artistic fields to highlight the tough struggles and immense sacrifices through fine art works … and creations that transcend to the sacrifices that reached the sky through the nobility of humanitarian objectives and purposes of the great revolution of November 1954 … It is imperative to bridge the gap in this regard by achieving innovative works to be added to those rare mutations in the field of film industry and television and radio production… as well as distinguished literary and artistic works, which reflected efficiently and professionally a tiny part of the history of the national struggle path and the armed struggle of the Algerian people, who keeps in every village … in every neighborhood of our cities, events and facts that bear witness of a great glorious revolution, which will remain brightly present in the conscience of all humanity.. and deep in the identity and memory of the nation, drawing for Algerians the line of loyalty to history and memory.

Dear citizens,

Less than two years have gone since the foundations of the state were on the brink of imminent collapse, and thank God that our valiant people, feeling imminent danger, and based on the November values and the message of the martyrs, started an impressive and blessed Hirak movement, fueled by the love for Algeria and its foundations…

Today, in loyalty for the popular movement… and in fulfillment for what we pledged to our honorable people, we are very keen to achieve the goals stemming from the people’s sovereign will, despite the propaganda advocates…

Algeria which is strong with its people and its army and proud of its constitutional institutions, embarked in the prospects enshrined, with the outbreak of the armed struggle, in the pure minds of those who made the unforgettable epic November revolution of our martyrs and our brave fighters … the prospects for building state institutions on sound bases far from the suspicions and imperfections, and to complement the building of this edifice, we will soon hold, God willing, on November 27, local, provincial and municipal elections, to confirm our firm will to protect the sovereign freedom of choice for male and female citizens and to fight all forms of corruption and nepotism to deal a blow to the credibility and transparency of the elections…

In parallel with this dynamic process, to align the construction of the new institutions with the Constitution … and the adaptation of national authorities in accordance with its provisions … and the creation of other authorities induced by society changes … The government will implement, with a faster pace, the strategy of economic recovery, and handle the social aspects with the required effectiveness and efficiency …

And we will be in the very short term, thanks to the mobilization of Algerian women and men, and relying on the available resources, have returned the country to the path followed by our martyrs and mujahedeen…to preserve the heritage

We are fully confident that the hopes that our proud people attach to the process of national construction in which we are engaging with sincerity and rigor… are hopes that will turn into reality in the lives of the daughters and sons of Algeria, heirs of the glorious martyrs and valiant mujahedeen.

Long live Algeria

Long live Algeria free and proud

Glory and eternity to our martyrs

Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you.

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