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Message of President of the Republic on the occasion of the twelfth congress of National Organization of Mujahideen

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, highlighted, on Saturday, the need to grant the mujahideen “the interest and the honors” which they deserve, in an Algeria which is moving towards “enshrining the culture of recognition and immunization of the internal front”, describing the National Organization of Mujahideen (ONM) as “one of these citadels, proud of national unity”.

“I am pleased to offer you my sincere greetings and my best feelings of esteem, on the occasion of the holding of your 12th congress organized at a time when the Algerian people are preparing to celebrate, in the next few weeks, the 60th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, an celebration which will be marked by large-scale festivities to cover the whole year”, indicated President Tebboune in a message sent on the occasion of the holding of the 12th Congress of the ONM at the Palais des Nations, read on its behalf by the Minister of Mujahideen and Rights Holders, Laïd Rebiga.

“The Algeria of Glory could not have celebrated the 60th anniversary of the recovery of its sovereignty in an atmosphere of joy and pride, in peace and stability, in this period marked by a growing dynamic to establish a real and sustainable development in all areas, without the sacrifices made by its children, men and women, since colonialism set a foot on our pure land”, added the Head of State.

Addressing the delegates, the President of the Republic affirmed: “You, my sisters and brothers, are among those actors and witnesses of the heavy sacrifices paid by our valiant people during the Glorious War of Liberation. You remember the images of the heroic battles that you waged alongside your valiant fellow martyrs. Some of you even bear the marks of valiant heroes, who defeated colonialism out of attachment to freedom and dignity, and in defense of the honor of the homeland and the nation”.

President Tebboune added: “examples of pure patriotism, abnegation and love of the country in the past, you have put yourselves, from the dawn of independence, in your blessed abode (ONM ) as guardians of the oath of Chouhada and of the eternal message of November. The scare of a pitiless war that you suffered, with conviction and faith, having not undermined your will to continue your national contribution, particularly in the difficult periods that the Nation has gone through”.

“Under the roof of this residence, you have always been one of those citadels which are proud of national unity and the cohesion of the people in the most difficult times, committed to making the voice of wisdom, of reason heard, and make national interests prevail, while firmly defending the supreme interests of the nation. The whispers of the Chouhada still resound in your heads and the cries of Allah Akbar remind you of the voices of your fellow comrades who died in front of your eyes,” he said.

In this context, President Tebboune affirmed that he had undertaken, upon his election, to “give all the necessary interest to history and national memory, raising this approach to the rank of national duty dictated by loyalty to the fight of your companions, the valiant Chouhada. This is also part of the consideration and the deference dedicated to you, you who had been with these companions, the artisans of an eternal revolutionary epic which resonated in the four corners of the world and remains a symbol of freedom and liberation”.

“While saluting, on this occasion, your valuable contributions in writing history and reviving memory through the recording of testimonies and the documentation of facts and events, we are proud of the authentic and courageous positions of your organization in the defense of the legacy of the nation, its glorious history and its national identity”, the President of the Republic underlined.

He stressed, in this regard, “the need to ensure that our brothers and sisters the mujahideen can enjoy the interest and honors which they deserve, in an Algeria which is moving towards enshrining the culture of recognition, the strengthening of national cohesion, and the consolidation and immunization of the internal front, and this, in a world marked by disturbances and a complex regional and international context ushering in multiple dangers. This requires a sincere will and closing the ranks to face up to the challenges and build a strong and impregnable Algeria”.

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