Micro-enterprises: National Agency for Entrepreneurship Development and Support (ANADE) launches its new platform “Khadamate”

National Agency for Entrepreneurship Development and Support (ANADE) launched on Thursday its new platform “Khadamate” which aims to improve access to information for young entrepreneurs wishing to start a business through this agency, said its director general, Mohamed Chérif Bouaoud.

This platform, which was developed internally by ANADE’s staff, has five spaces: one for online registrations, the second for agreements signed with various departments and organisations, a third dedicated to the registration of companies in difficulty, a fourth reserved for companies with exportable products and finally a fifth one dedicated to the collection of concerns of young entrepreneurs, Bouaoud said.

The Director General of ANADE pointed out that this platform, which can be accessed at, was developed as part of the modernisation and digitalisation of the agency’s activities in order to provide young entrepreneurs with all information they need without having to visit the agency.

This platform also allows ANADE to be closer to entrepreneurs, as «the agency’s new strategy is to target young people “, in addition to being a tool for collecting information on companies in difficulty or those who want to export their products, added Mr Bouaoud.

“Khadamate” was created to meet the expectations of promoters and in response to the grievances of young entrepreneurs who visit ANADE’s branches and agencies, from where the idea of developing this platform has emerged,” said the DG of ANADE.

30,000 applications for new businesses in 2021

Mr. Bouadoud who announced, on the occasion, that 30,000 requests for enterprise creation have been registered by ANADE since the start of the year, while 10,777 enterprises have been listed as in difficulty through our different agencies during the same period.

He noted the important role played by local small businesses in economic growth, particularly in securing mass consumption products since the start of Covid-19 pandemic.

The Director General of Anade said that several micro-enterprises created under Anade program have succeeded, citing as an example Casbah company which recently submitted a request to be listed on Algiers Stock Exchange, which motivated the agency to launch a project to assist the listing of SMEs.

Other companies have managed to export to Europe, in addition to exporting to African countries, said Bouaoud, who revealed that an operation to identify companies that export or want to start exporting has been undertaken.

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