Minister of Agriculture calls for controlling white meat stocks to ensure price stability and preserve breeders’ incomes

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abdelhamid Hamdani, called, Thursday here in Algiers, on the various actors in the poultry breeding sector to study the formation of stocks to control white meat in order to ensure price stability and preserve the incomes of breeders, according to a ministry statement.

The statement indicated that this instruction was given by the minister while presiding over a working session devoted to studying the current situation of the Poultry Breeding Sector after a period of intense volatility due to speculation.

This session, which was attended by members of the Joint National Professional Council of the Poultry Breeding Sector, the President and General Director of the National Office for Cattle Feeding and Poultry Breeding and the Ministry’s executives, allowed to review the sector’s situation in terms of production and regulation of the white meat market, as well as raw materials and biological inputs in addition to the health field, the ministry adds.

On this occasion, Hamdani highlighted the efforts made in the first phase of the sector in order to establish a regulatory approach to stabilize the market and preserve the sector.

With regard to the increase in prices of raw materials, the Minister stressed the accuracy in implementing the measures taken by public authorities in favor of the sector and their effects on the prices of poultry food in the market, while warning against some speculative practices in this field.

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